How do you make your facebook posts more interactive?

The best way to ensure that your posts are interactive is by posting compelling content. Don’t just brag about new services you provide or beg people to shop your sale, make sure that you continually share items of interest with your fans.

Mix up the type of posts you make. Post links, pictures, YouTube videos and anything else you find interesting and relevant. The content that you post doesn’t have to be created by you. You can post links to blogs or articles.  It doesn’t even have to always pertain to your businesess. Also, be sure to mix in some questions.

Most people will come back to your fan page if there’s a real sense of community. People will be more likely to interact if they feel like they know you.  Facebook is fundamentally a casual atmosphere and your page should reflect its laid back personality (i.e. write like you talk) however, posts should always be spelled correctly and properly punctuated.

If your customers have very sepecific interests, target your content to those uses. For example if you sell high end cameras, you know your customers are going to be avid photographers or if you are a specialty food stores, your customers are likely foodies.

However, sometimes your customer base is much wider. Perhaps you are the only locally owned pharmacy in your town. Your customers are going to have widely varied interests. You can still create a sense of community with them by posting local events and news.

Bottom Line: Make sure that you are appealing to your target audience. If your business is geared to a very specific demographic or an entire community, try to find a way to reach them through information and conversation.