How not to be a Facebook Spammer.

I might spend more time on facebook than anyone I know. I have to because it’s my job (or at least that is my excuse.)

I also know better than anyone I know how to build and maintain a strong facebook presence and an engaged fan base. (At least in my real life, not my online life.) I work hard at it and I’m constantly trying to learn more.

My biggest pet peeve on facebook: facebook spammers. I’m focusing on individual people who spam their friends but most of these concepts can easily be applied to business pages.

  1. Stop shouting about what you do. Facebook is a community. The people who read your page and posts are your personal friends and in all likelihood, they already know what you do. If you constantly advertise your business, people will not only be annoyed, they might even hide you from their newsfeed (you have officially been warned…. I do this all the time.) 
  2. Stop inviting everyone you know to every event that you create.  If you really want to invite your friends and you think they would legitimately appreciate the invitation, be courteous and take the time to go through your list of friends. Invite only the ones who are might actually show up (i.e. not that exchange student from Brazil you met in middle school)
  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you bring your friends into the spamming business. I’ve seen many friends tagged in an ad for another random friend’s business or next big thing they are promoting. Not only is this just wrong, it might be the most egregious facebook spamming violation.
  4. On that same note, you shouldn’t invade someone else’s community or page to post a link to something you are selling.  Likely you will be deleted anyway by the page’s administrator. Want to really be effective? Start participating in the conversation that is already going on. Likely what you do will come up in conversation and it will be much better received when invited.