Let's not be arrogant!

Sometimes I wonder why I subscribe to so many blogs, and email lists. Mostly I subscribe to keep myself learning. There are so many people out there who are much smarter than I am. I am constantly trying to learn from them. It seems like every few minutes, my iPhone beeps with another email.

Occasionally, it can get overwhelming to receive, read and respond (if appropriate) to so many emails a day.  However, there are some messages that I know weren't meant for me but really seem to strike a chord.  Like this blog post from Jeff Sexton Writes.

So if presentation is so important why do so many of us neglect, ignore, and otherwise screw it up?

Because we’re sold on the better mousetrap myth – this idea that a better mousetrap naturally leads to the world  beating a path to our door, that the “real deal” doesn’t need to be  dressed up.  More insidiously, we’ve also half-bought into the millennial  notion that spending time and effort on presentation somehow equates to  “posing” or fakery or thinking that one is “all that.” That  presentation is, in a word, arrogant.

The truth, of course, is the very opposite: acknowledging the  need to seduce, entertain, and wow an audience in order to earn their  attention is a sign of humility, not arrogance.

Thanks for reminding me to continue to invest in my own presentation. Sometimes it seems I spend so much time working on the presentations of others that I neglect my own business!

(I met Jeff Sexton at a seminar I went to with a client in Houston last year.)