New Feature: Facebook Questions

Earlier this week (March 24, 2011,) Facebook rolled out a new feature called Facebook questions to all people and pages.  This is an exciting new feature that will allow businesses to do market research in real time.

You can now ask questions of your fans and give them a limited number of answer options. Though there have been poll applications created by third party developers, they require users to opt, causing obstacles for businesses.

How can businesses use the new feature? I’ve come up with a few quick examples. The possibilities are endless…

  • A Cupcake shop can poll their fans about the flavor of the week.
  • A workout instructor can find out when the best time to open up a new class would be.
  • Sports teams can allow fans to vote for their favorite players.
  • A clothing store can ask fans who they thought was best dressed at an awards show.

Facebook Questions gives us another great way to harness the inherently viral nature of facebook to improve customer engagement.