Why don’t they “like” me?

Because people know I work in Social Media, I’m often thrown the loaded question of “how do I get more fans for my business?”

Considering that I’ve built a career around answering that question, its not usually something I can answer over cocktails. I do have a few quick suggestions that I share with anyone who is willing to listen.

BE REALISTIC- Some businesses just aren’t that likeable. (i.e. Don’t waste your time on facebook if you own a funeral home.)

STOP SHOUTING- Use facebook as a forum to have a conversation with your customers.  They are more likely to respond to you if you sound like an actual human being rather than a robot shooting out ad messages.

GIVE A LITTLE- Whether this means giving away gift cards to your fans or just posting relevant information, people are much more likely to “like” your fan page if they feel like they are going to get something out of it.

KEEP IT SHORT- Though facebook gives you more than 140 characters to get your message out, that doesn’t mean you should. Keep you posts short, your fans will appreciate it.