Everything I know about PR, I learned from watching Kell on Earth.

So maybe that's not entirely true but I must admit that I have learned a lot from this television show and fascinating woman who is little more than a guilty pleasure for most.


Her no nonsense, no fuss style makes her stand out in the sea of identically well coiffed power women that is the fashion business.


I recently picked up her book If you have to cry go outside. It was easy to read and entertaining but at the same time it made me think.


The book made me love her even more. She takes on 20 interns per season for the purpose of showing them the ropes in very rough business.


Though at times she can seem tough (have you seen The Hills?), the self-proclaimed "Mama Wolf" genuinely seems to care about them and all the people around her.


Most importantly, Ms. Cutrone makes it clear that this is fundamentally a business. It isn't just about playing with clothes. There are millions of dollars and many lives and careers at stake.