The King's Speech

A few days ago I read an article on Copyblogger entitled “How Can The King’s Speech Help You Build an Extraordinary Online Business” so when I got a chance to go to the movies this weekend, I decided to check it out for myself.

Lionel is entirely confident in his ability to produce results and demands the respect of his client/patient. In return, Lionel is able to transform the way that Bertie talks and all but eliminate his speech impediment.

I admire Lionel’s approach to providing a service not entirely unlike the services that I provide. He is selective about his clients because he knows that part of the foundation producing good results is finding a client who is a good match.  Once he selects a client, he proceeds to build a personal relationship with them.  Lastly, he relentlessly works at his job until he produces the desired result.

Thank you, Copyblogger for giving me such an interesting perspective to ponder while watching this great movie!