The Death of the "Suggest to Friends" button...

I'm fortunate that all of my clients have well established facebook pages at this point. We survived the initial growth phases and are able to maintain steady growth by harnessing the viral nature of facebook. Our fans are well engaged and comment often.

I guess that's why I didn't even notice the disappearance of the "suggest to friends" button on facebook pages. Even stranger than the fact that facebook killed this option for pages, it hasn't necessarily killed this option for admins.

I've been coaching a friend of mine on how to get going with facebook. He brought it to my attention today that none of the invites he sent out to like his page were received.  This really made me curious and I decided to check it out.

It seems that the "suggest to friends" option for non admins disappeared sometime in mid-january. Around that time, the "suggest to friends" option for admins stayed in place but quit working.

To an extent I understand the rationale behind taking this away. Many people abused the feature and used it to spam their friends. As a social media marketer who prides myself on never being a spammer, I'm a little disappointed that the spammers ruined it for those of us who are responsible.

Whether Facebook will make the "suggest to friends" button work again in the future remains to be seen. I just hope that the spammers don't ruin it again for all of us.