How to Be Interesting (from Copyblogger)

I came across this post on Copyblogger on How to Be Interesting. Lots of great points  Here are a few of my favorites:

3. Communicate what others can’t: As writers, we take  ideas from our heads and put them on the page.  Sometimes we forget how  difficult that is for some people and how valuable that makes us.  Lots  of people would give anything to be able to say what they mean.  But  they can’t.  So, they turn to songs, books, and art that communicate for  them.  Be a producer of those things, and you’ll never lose their  attention.

7. Offer them an aspirin: Some of the best blog posts  ever written are simple as an aspirin.  Your reader has a headache, you  have a cure, so you offer them that cure in the form of a blog post.  They pay attention… not because of how pretty or well crafted your blog  post is, but because it cures their headache.  Conclusion: try acting  like a pharmacist, not a blogger, and you’ll never lack for attention.

13. Be startlingly honest: Every once in awhile,  tell the truth.  Be so honest that you’re scared to click the “Post”  button.  Be so honest that no one knows what to say in the comments  section.  Be so honest that your lawyer tells you to stop.  You’ll feel better… and people will talk about you.

14. Be irreverent: Want to stir people up?  Make fun  of their god, their politics, their family — anything they hold dear.  Yes, they’ll be offended, but lots of other people will think it’s  hilarious.  If you can’t stomach being hated by a portion of the world  and loved by another, then you don’t deserve to have a blog.