Why LinkedIn?


It seems like such a passive Social website. Honestly, it is a little boring. However, the average user is 41 years old and her household income is $110,000.  It is a great place to show off what you’ve done in your career without feeling like you are bragging. Everybody does it.

Best reason to use LinkedIn? People search.  Recently my sister was struggling with interviews, her grades are great and she has done everything right. However, she continued to interview for internships with no luck finding a job.

Because I knew she had everything that potential employers were looking for, I suggested she find a career counselor. I went to LinkedIn and found a list of career counselors in her city.  Luckily enough the first one worked part time at her school and she was able to see her at no cost!

Within days of working with the counselor, she was offered a great job.

My personal LinkedIn page still needs work. I have 1/10 the number of connections that I have on Facebook. But I’ll continue to plug at it.  Like every other social medium, it takes time and hard work.