Just Launched: Facebook Deals

It hasn't come to Lafayette yet but just like Living Social, I'm sure it will make its way here eventually.

Facebook has just launced Deals, a daily deals feature that will compete with Groupon and Living Social.  According to this article in USA Today:

Deals debuts in San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Atlanta and Dallas. (After testing for an unspecified period, it will become available in other cities.) In November, Facebook introduced a service for check-in deals. Facebook Credits can be used to make payments on Deals.

"This announcement is all about bringing people together," says Emily White, director of Facebook Local, which focuses on getting local businesses established on Facebook. "They can discover daily deals through the experiences of their friends."

The new service might pit Facebook against Groupon, LivingSocial and Yelp in a bid to tap into the multibillion-dollar market for daily deals online.

The effect that Facebook Deals will have on Groupon and LivingSocial remains to be seen... I am very interested to see what happens.