Latest Obsession: @nakedpizza

I’ve recently added Naked Pizza to my bi-weekly take-out rotation. The food is healthy and delicious. Overall, it is just a great business concept.  And the Lafayette location happens to be right around the corner from my house.

The last time I was there I picked up a pamphlet that makes me love them even more. This is what they had to say about social media:

It’s an honest, immediate transparent way to communicate. Social media is about an authentic dialogue—between you and us and you and your friends. Full frontal, no secrets. For too long, fast food companies have talked about “secret” ingredients that we’ve come to find out are making people less healthy. We think that’s crummy so we use social media to help change it. Sometimes we get a little hot, other times political, frequently a touch sarcastic just to keep it light. The deal is that you’ll know we’re real people with an opinion and we expect the same of you. Give it to us straight, we’ll do the same—promise, friendo 

I couldn't have said it better myself. What a great attitude from a business who clearly gets social media.