Dos and Don'ts of social media via @timesofacadiana

Last week I was interviewed by the Times of Acadiana for an article. Check it out!

In  2010, Caroline Barry founded the grassroots company CFB Consulting,  which handles marketing, public relations and social media for  businesses around Acadiana.

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"Social  media is really just an extension of our offline lives that people are  using to connect," Barry said. "It makes such a big difference."

But what happens when social media becomes a venue for content you didn't necessarily intend for everyone to see?

Barry said Facebookers and Tweeters need to be careful when selecting which content to post.

"It  is an extension of being in public and doing PR," she said. "One thing  you can do is make sure people know where your line is that you can't  cross."

Barry  recommends making it known if you work in a more conservative industry  that might not tolerate drunken photos or lewd content.

"Once it's there, there's no way to get it back," she said.

Barry  said the same idea applies to the popular new Facebook feature on  smartphones that allows users to "check in" at their destinations, which  then updates their Facebook profiles with their current locations.

"If you're out there, you can stop that," she said. "Just turn it off if you don't want it. The

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