on Facebook...

This week I went on a field trip to a luncheon with someone who went to the same school I went to.  She happens to be a few years older than I am and asked if I’ve stayed in contact with any of my classmates. 

My initial thought was of course I have. It didn’t even occur to me that not staying in contact wasn’t possible.  But the funny thing is she hasn’t—at least not nearly to the extent that I have.

Why such a disparity between her contact and mine?  Facebook.  I joined Facebook the week before I started my first class in college.  Though the site I joined then wasn’t even remotely close to the site I consult on today, it has enabled me to know where my old friends are, what they are doing, and even where they vacation. Many of us converse on a weekly basis.

We still hang out on a regular basis and they all remember my birthday every year.  Though I’ve joined Google+ and fully intend to embrace it if it takes off, I’ll always have an attachment to and affinity for Facebook.