Scooting in heels

You might not be able to tell from my sporatic posts lately but, I'm a big fan of blogging. I especially like it to help build lifestyle brands. Here's a post I love from a friend I helped brand as a wardrobe consultant. She did a great job. It makes me want to go out and buy a scooter.

I ride a scooter. Its the perfect mode of transportation for New Orleans. Parking is easy, avoiding traffic is a cinch, and gas money goes much further. Nevertheless, there are hazards non-scooters never consider. You're probably thinking of other cars, potholes, or the wayward sprinkler, and yes, those are all hazards, but the one that irks me every morning is my extensive collection of skirts and dresses that I cannot wear. The scooter forces me into pants every day, so for all of the other scooter riders out there, I am here to give you some updated scooter-approved wardrobe options. 

1. The romper. It's a tank top. It's shorts. It's super-trendy and it will keep you looking great on your scooter with a pair of gladiators and your bedazzled helmet (I know I'm not the only one...).

2. Platform wedges. I don't have to reach for the ground when I stop, they look great and fit perfectly with flared jeans (the next jean craze!), a white tee, bright jewelery, and a khaki trenchcoat. 

3. Scarves, let them blow in the wind as you scoot by your admirers. Scarves are also a great opportunity to mix patterns, another hot spring trend. Last week I wore a red, yellow, orange and green paisley maxidress, with a J.Crew leopard scarf loosely draped. Its not a look for the faint of heart, but it fed into my hippie, flower-child infatuation. For the purpose of full-disclosure, it rained that day and I drove my car, but I'd love to try the outfit again. 

4. Jorts. Yes, I said it. Jorts. One of the best days in a girls life is when she find HER jeans. Mine are True Religion. They are made for my hourglass shape and are designed with the best denim I've ever come across. A thick, heavy denim is an important quality I look for in jeans because they are my pant option of choice when scooting. So, after years of giving my first pair that "worn-in" look, it was time to retire them. The thought broke my heart, they were after all, made for me. So, I took them straight down to Thimbelina on Tchoupitoulas and had the ladies tailor me a beautiful pair of perfectly worn, not too short, cuffed jorts. The perfect summer riding short. 

5. Skirts and dresses. Who am I to limit your scooter-approved outfits? Wear your favorite white eyelet dress under your scooter-safe gear, or throw on a pair of gym shorts till you get where you're going. 

Be fashionable out there and safe scooting! 

*Remember that the best clothing to scoot in is real safety gear*

- Mallory Grant Domingue