How often should I be blogging?

Last week I attended a seminar for small businesses in Lafayette. One of the questions that was asked was how often should we be blogging.  

IMHO, It depends on a lot of factors. Why are you blogging?  Is it ifor SEO?  To further your marketing message?  A lot of people don't even know why they blog.  They blog because someone who sounded smart told them they should. 

While there is no true correct answer,  the rule of thumb that I tend to follow is 2-3 posts per week or 10 posts per month.  That averages to about every 3 days.   

However, I think there are two things more important than the frequency at which you blog:

#1)  Content is key. If you are blogging just to blog, don't waste your time.  Blog about things that matter and blog about things that are relevant to your target audience. 

#2)  Be consistent. Pick one thing and stick to it.  Don't skip weeks or months. Not only will your website content begin to look stale, you will likely start to lose readers. 

Struggling to find inspiration?  We all do.  It seems that on my creative days I can come up with 10 good topics about which to blog and then can't think of anything good for a month. Keep a running list of ideas you can blog about.  You may never use some of them but it definitely helps to be able to look back at it when you are stuck. 

Just be sure: the worst thing you can do is start a blog and leave with dated posts.  If you aren't committed to blogging, don't start.