Excessive #hashtags decrease engagement.

With organic Facebook reach for brand pages expected to decrease to only 1-2% in the next year, many marketers and small business owners are grasping at straws to find ways to increase social visibility without spending any money.

While a few methods to do this still exist, many are not only useless but can actually harm your brand and decrease interaction and visibility.  One such method is using excessive hashtags.  Let's be honest: It's just annoying.  And if its annoying to you,  it will be annoying to your followers.

Our attention spans are short,  we don't have time to wade through lots of words to get to the meat of your post. Use a few, relevant hashtags, and you'll be just fine.  But start using too many and people will start to ignore your content no matter how good it is.  

Though instinctively, I've known this for a while,  someone ( has finally done a study and can corroborate my story.  See the chart below.  It's pretty simple: Cut your hashtags down from 10 to 1,  increase your interactions by 200%.