Jimbo Hill

If you are looking for information about the Blood Drive WHICH WILL STILL BE HELD in Orange, TX on March 14 & 15,  please click here.  Please help us honor Jimbo by helping others facing the same arduous journey.

Registration link for March 14- https://jimbohillplt0314.youcanbook.me/
Registration link for March 15- https://jimbohillwb0315.youcanbook.me/

Thank you for your continued love, prayers and support for our family.  This page will serve as a central resource for information about how you can help the my late cousin, Jimbo Hill's family.   


Please continue to pray for Ashley Robison Hill, and all the family. Here are ways you can continue to help at this time:


BRING MEALS TO THE FAMILY.   Requests for meals are being coordinated by family friend Ellie Courmier.  You can deliver food if you are local or send a meal from afar.

Take them a meal - http://www.takethemameal.com/meals.php?t=SXFK3533



SHARE STORIES: This couple has touched so many.  We welcome you to and if you'd like to share your favorite stories so that we can print them in a book for his family to read them much later. If you have a story or favorite photo please send it to storiesofjimbo@yahoo.com  Thanks to Emily Wyatt for coordinating this effort!


REGISTER AS A STEM CELL DONOR IN JIMBO'S MEMORY  His goal was for Southwest Louisiana to have the highest concentration of registered stem cell donors.  Stem Cell (formerly called bone marrow) transplants have saved many people with blood cancer over the years.  Unfortunately, there are many people who never get the transplant they need because there's no available match.  The registration process only takes a few minutes.  Then you'll receive a packet in the mail.  You swab your cheeks and send it right back.  If you're ever called to donate, it will most likely entail a stem cell process that looks more like a blood donation than a surgical bone marrow procedure.  It's a simple process for donors and is becoming simpler every day.



Other ways you can help –

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to one of the following associations in Jimbo’s name: