who i am & what i do


I work with businesses to decide where their time and money is best spent to reach certain goals (e.g. getting their message out, increased sales or improving their public image.) Sometimes that means teaching them how to use social media, alerting the traditional media about the things they do that are newsworthy, helping them buy advertising & print materials or setting up websites. Sometimes it just means doing research, improving customer service processes or adding to their product offerings. If somebody doesn’t need to spend money on traditional ads or shouldn’t bother waste their time with Facebook, I tell them. I don’t have and choose to never have an ad agency because I would rather align my interests with the client. In short, we go after the lowest hanging fruit... looking for the biggest impact for the least cost.

In addition to working one-on-one  with individual clients, I teach a variety of seminars across the Louisiana I-10 corridor.  I love helping small businesses achieve their goals and the seminars allow me to reach so many more of them. 

As a local social media consultant, I've been featured in the Times of Acadiana and the Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Acadiana Advocate.  I'm also a regular guest trainer for Lafayette Economic Development's Opportunity Machine Tech Incubator Program and I write a column about networking, small business and social media issues for Face Magazine.