what people say

"Hearts of Hope has finally begun the process of coming into a much more updated technology stage thanks to the help of Caroline!  She has innovative ideas and knows the ins and outs of marketing specific to your needs.  Caroline has been an incredible resource for us."

-Jill Howell Dugas, Executive Director of Hearts of Hope

If you are considering using social media to help promote your business but you are just not sure how to take advantage of this invaluable resource like I was, I would HIGHLY recommend you give CFB Counsulting a call. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable in this field and will customize a marketing plan to fit each individual client's needs. She is very professional and her services are competitively priced. After only one week of working with her, the traffic on our Facebook page increased 50%. We look forward to working with CFB for many years to come" 

- Rick Watkins, Executive Director of Trust Acadiana

"Without a doubt, Caroline has been a great pleasure to work with.  Her insight and clear ideas are brought forth by her wonderful communication skills.  She is always willing to go the extra mile and find solutions that work.  It is always nice to find a person you truly enjoy working with.  I would highly recommend her to anybody needing her services." 

-Myles Bergeron, Director of Sales and Distribution at Pointe Coupee Pecan

"Caroline Barry is without a doubt the key person every business owner needs in their corner. Like a matador, her ability to orchestrate the social media arena is precise and mandatory, especially in today's business world! In addition to her savvy skills, in-depth knowledge and ability to stay in-tune with the market, she is always quick to respond and resolve any issues that might arise. Creative and effective, I am pretty sure she is super woman in disguise and certainly an asset to my business." 

-Setareh A. Mirian, Realtor®

"We have benefited from working with Caroline  on several projects now and I am continually impressed by her out of the box thinking and creative design talents. She really ‘gets’ social media and knows how to effectively and efficiently generate a buzz in the community.  To top it off, her energy and can-do attitude make her a  joy to work with." 

-Jill Meaux, CEO at Acadiana Outreach

"Caroline has been a great find.  She has an amazing understanding of social media, takes the ball and knows how to run with it and continually brings new ideas to the table.. When you find someone that can combine their creative abilities with their understanding of what moves and motivates people, you have a someone that makes a difference in your business. Whether you are tackling web, social media or direct mail, Caroline brings a unique perspective that always makes you think outside of the box which keeps you competitive in today’s economy. " 

-Kim Crouchet, Online Retailer